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Nancy Pham

Because life is made to be lived, it is a shame to wait to reap the benefits of our hard work only later. Every single day, we should be loving the happiness we have been blessed with. Not feeling happy? Go create your happiness!

Nancy grew up in an Asian immigrant family in Canada where she quickly learned that she could totally be the mastermind behind her happiness. Life can change in the split of a second; why not embracing every one of them?


NAMAE exists to make indulgence a habit. Let's reward ourselves when we do something good; let's pat our own backs as we like to pat our friends'; let's treat ourselves! Why? Because we are powerhouses.

You'll find little treasures to smile at every time you wear them.

You'll find the resources for you to exude confidence and happiness.

You'll find a community.

Jewelry | Hair | Nails | Photos

Handmade and handpicked pieces
Nail and Photography Services
Happiness sharing



& photographer

Personal clients: portraits, fashion, lifestyle, blog, etc.

Commercial clients: Créations Nomade, Boa Bijoux, La Petite Macaronette, Bar à beurre, Boss Babe Imperial, etc.

Workshop leader


Make your own Foundation & Concealer


How to Pose for Beginners

How to Take Photos with Basic Equipment

How to Create Autoportraits



ASHLEY / Portrait

"I was a little nervous for our first shoot but Nancy quickly got me into a excited, relaxed mode to capture the fun, approachable image that I wanted to portray. Nancy is personable and easy to work with. Looking forward to our next shoot!"

FIFA / Workshop

"After attending Nancy's workshop, I felt much more confident posing in front of the camera. Nancy's workshop was very structured and organized. She gave very useful tips on what to do to prepare for a shoot and even helped us on how to find our best angles. Having theory at the beginning definitely helped later on when we started to get more hands-on with the camera. You can tell right away that Nancy is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to posing and has had tons of experience both as a photography and a model. I would recommend her photography workshops any day! Attending one of her workshops will make you come out much more confident. I was her model for a photography session a couple of times and she helped guide me all the way through the entire session. This helped so much for someone like me whose very shy and inexperienced when it comes to posing. Attending her workshops or hiring her for her photography services, either way you won't be disappointed!"

AMIRA / Workshop

"I went to a photography course for the first time ever. Nancy is amazing she is really helpful and nice. She answered all my questions. Very positive vibe ! Definitely going again for another workshop."

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